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How big a geek are you? While some folks strive for the latest and greatest, others are driven in the quest for the more obscure. (We once new a guy who balanced his checkbook in hex.) If you fall into this latter group, or you just like flashing LEDs, then you might want to take Binary Clock out for a spin.

Binary Clock is a fun little app that tells you what time it is via (simulated) little green flashing lights. Not only that, but it's all in binary. It takes the current time, 11:45:15, for example, and breaks out the binary equivalent of the hours, minutes, and seconds, giving you a result like :1011:101101:1111. With all the flashing lights and 1s and 0s, it's a veritable geek-fest.

While it's fun to amaze your friends, it also gives you a chance to bone-up on your binary numbers. After a bit of practice, you may find that it's as easy as 01-10-11!

Binary Clock is a free download for your Windows system.

Download Binary Clock

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