Kuku Klok online alarm clock

screenshot of Kuku Klok

Dozing at the keyboard again? Maybe it's time to check out this free online alarm clock.

Kuku Klok is a simple concept: it's an alarm clock you can run in your browser. Just go the website, set the time for your alarm to go off, and go back to sleep—I mean get back to work!

The application grabs the current time from your system's clock, and it's easy to set the alarm time with a couple of button clicks. You can choose from several different alarm sounds—a rooster crowing, a wicked guitar riff, an (irritating) electronic beep, or a wind-up alarm clock.

Because the alarm itself is a little Flash movie (.swf file) that's downloaded to your hard drive, once you've set the alarm you don't even have to be connected for your alarm to fire off on schedule.

Kuku Klok is a free service. It should be compatible with most modern web browsers with a current version of the Flash plugin.

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