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As much as we'd like to see more and more of our correspondence reduced to electronic form, there are some situations where nothing replaces a piece of paper. Whether it's a well-worded letter convincing a prospect to buy your goods or services, or a reminder note asking them to pay that invoice you've sent them three times, sometimes that simple piece of paper can make more impact than all the email in the world.

Having settled on that printed correspondence, you've carefully chosen the font and spacing to make just the right statement. Now to mail it off.

Nothing screams "unprofessional" like hand written addresses on the envelopes of your business correspondence. Sure, you can run envelopes through many printers, but often it's a tedious one-at-a-time process that takes up way too much time and trouble. The solution? Address labels.

autofillPDF-labels is a free service that allows you to create mailing labels and print them on industry-standard label stock. We've reviewed their service before, but they've made it even better. They don't require any software on your machine except for a current copy of Adobe Reader—no Microsoft Word or OpenOffice software is needed. Visit their website and browse through their impressive array of label formats. You can choose formats to print a whole page of the same label (so you can send your favorite client a dozen different bills), or you can put a different address on each label (to send a newsy letter to your Christmas mailing list). You can choose to include images on your labels as well (your company logo may be just the thing to convince them of how serious an operation you are).

They've got templates for nearly three dozen different labels, ranging from rectangular mailing labels to round labels to labels for CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes, as well as file folder labels and labels for name badges, and even business cards. They're all cross referenced to Avery part numbers, so you can pick up the label stock at your local office supply store.

autofillPDF-labels is compatible with Linux, Macintosh, and Windows systems, as long as you've got a recent version of Adobe Reader.

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  1. Russell says:

    Excellent post! What is interesting, if you press Control + E, a font properties window will open. Tools > comment & markup will give you some basic drawing and other funtions.

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