Adeona theft recovery tool

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Could there be anything more horrible than the loss of your laptop computer? Well, yes, I suppose so, but it's certainly pretty high up on the list. Whether you misplaced your machine, or somebody decided to acquire it via "five finger discount", now you're here and your baby's somewhere else. If you'd like to be reunited, it would be a good idea to have installed Adeona on your machine before it goes missing.

Adeona, named after the Roman goddess of "safe returns", is a free, open source tool that lets you track your laptop or any other computer. Unlike proprietary solutions, you don't have to rely on a server somewhere keeping track of the whereabouts of your machine—meaning they could keep track of where you go, as well as where any potential thief may go with your system. Adeona "phones home" about every half hour, but not on an exact schedule, making it a little tricker to detect its use. It reports back a wealth of information about your missing computer: IP address, nearby routers, wireless hotspots currently in use. The Mac version can even use your built-in camera to snap a photo of the thief.

It's important to remember that while Adeona can help you locate your missing computer, and perhaps even implicate the thief, that you should then report this information to law enforcement or other appropriate authorities and not try to effect a recovery yourself.

A free download, Adeona is available for Linux, OS X (10.4+), and Windows (XP+) users.

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3 Responses to “Adeona theft recovery tool”

  1. Kit says:

    Hmm. Sounds interesting.

  2. Megaman says:

    Thanks once again. I really like this program, since it’s really good, works on Vista, and it’s free. Keep it up, yo. Hopefully I can leave it just about anywhere before it gets stolen and report the proper authorities once it’s found.:P

  3. william says:

    maybe im missing something but i dont see a download or any information ANYWHERE on their site about download/obtaining the source, it just says its open source….