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Search engines drive our online lives. If Google isn't your browser's home page, you probably spend as much time on it as if it were. We often can't get through a web page or a blog post without needing to run a search on something—a new term we've run across, a new site to go visit, that sort of thing. The biggest problem there is how disruptive that is. Whether you have to open a whole new browser window or just a new tab, you have to leave what you're involved in to go do your search.

KallOut is a tool that lets you do your search from the very page you're looking at right now. Rather than having to open a browser window, you just select text, a word or a phrase, hover over the KallOut target, and click on the menu item you want.

Not just a browser-based tool, KallOut can also be used while you're editing Word DOCs, reading through PDFs, and more, all without leaving the page you're working on. That helps you to stay focused and get more work done more quickly.

KallOut is a free Windows application. It runs under WinXP and Vista.

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  1. Megaman says:

    Thanks once again, and yes, same start from last one XD. I have to hand it to you, since this program can simplify my life just a bit more. Specially since I am starting the University and the search engine is needed alot. 😛

  2. Thanks for choosing KallOut as the download of the day! It means a lot to the team here. If you or any of your readers have questions feel free to contact me at matt@kallout.com.

    Matt Lorenzen
    VP of Product, KallOut

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