EjectUSB lets you eject removable drives when Windows won't

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Computers want to be helpful. They're designed to help us get things done, both by what they let us do, and by what they keep us from doing. Want to run an app? Great, open your word processor and get to work. Want to unplug that USB drive? Hey, you've still go open files there, and if you eject it, you're going to be in a world of pain.

Usually that's all good. We get in a hurry and forget that we're accessing a file on removable media, and we don't want to trash that report or spreadsheet just because we've gotten a little distracted. Sometimes, though, we are smarter than the machine.

As we all know, sometimes Windows gets confused. It slips a cog and thinks that there are still open files when there are none, or that an app that we launched from our USB drive is still running, when it isn't. The only way to help Windows come back to reality is to reboot the machine, and that's not always a desirable state of affairs.

EjectUSB is a tool that lets you force-eject your thumb drive. Yes, if you're not careful, you can now break that file and lose hours of work, but you're smarter than that, right? Once you're sure you know what you're up to, you can force eject the drive, as well as clean up all the leftovers, like flushing caches, closing windows, and cleaning up Registry entries and Recent Document shortcuts that point to your removable volume.

EjectUSB is a free Windows application.

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  1. atheistic says:


  2. Adam says:

    how exactly does this work? I was under the impression that if the “Safely remove hardware” that sits in the systray would not let a thumb drive be removed, the thumbdrive must still be in used….either by another app, or i forgot to close an app, or it’s still writing data to the hdd (or another drive).

    Which, in most cases, I’ve found to be true….I.E. I’ll have a txt doc open on my USB drive, and the safely remove hardware won’t let me remove the usb drive….

    It’s a safety feature really, windows won’t let it be removed until the drive is not being used.

    So how does this app “safely” remove the drive, without corrupting data?

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