Create and use multiple Docks on your Mac

screenshot of DockSwitch

One of our favorite features of OS X is the Dock. Not only is it easy to launch favorite applications, and to task-switch from one running app to another, but you can easily drag application icons onto the doc, making it simple to start them up next time you want to run that app. Once you get the icons arranged "just so," you can get things done quicker and easier.

It would be nice if you could create multiple Docks—maybe one that has your web developer tools on it, another that includes your financial management tools, and maybe another with games and other "fun" stuff. With DockSwitch, you can create multiple Docks and set each one up just the way you want.

DockSwitch is a little tool that lives in your OS X Menu bar, over on the side by your clock. Click on its icon and you can create additional Docks for your system, or choose between the Docks you have already created. You can have the tools you need right now, without having to keep dozens of icons sitting there that you aren't going to be using.

DockSwitch is a Mac application, and runs under OS X. The publisher warns that it's not compatible with Tiger (10.4), but it works fine with earlier versions.

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