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CSV (comma separated values) files are one of our favorite little tricks. If you're keeping track of a few little pieces of data and don't need to do anything very fancy with it, they're the perfect solution. Unfortunately, they aren't always the easiest thing to work with.

Because records in a CSV file are often not of a fixed length, when you open the file up in a text editor, you may have one row that's 50 characters long, right next to another one that has 500 characters in it. That makes it pretty tough to compare one record with the next. Sure, you can open CSV files in Excel or another spreadsheet app to look at them in a tabular layout, but that may be overkill. What you need is a tool that's designed specifically to view and edit these files.

CSVed is one such tool. It doesn't care what you use a a field delimiter—you don't need to have comma-delimited CSV files, you can use TABs, pipes ("|"), or any other character. Open your file, and you're now looking at your data in a spreadsheet-like table. Not only is it easy to see what's in your file, but you can now easily make changes to it as well. Add a record, edit, insert, or reorder columns (fields), and more. Now you have all the power of a high-end GUI for your lowly CSV text file.

CSVed is a Windows application, and runs under Win2k or later. Free to download, technically it's "cardware", so if you find it useful, send the authors a postcard, and tell 'em "thanks."

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  1. Greg says:

    I use CSV files routinely as a conduit for reading data into statistical programs. Often I’ll need to peek at the data first and possibly make a few minor edits. Excel does indeed work for this, but that puts me at the mercy of those acknowledged masters of interface annoyances, the Microsoft Kludge Kings. When I go to re-save my CSV file in Excel, I get a nag message that basically says, “Oh wait, you’ll lose features with that format!” Then when I go to close the file, I get an, “Oh wait, you haven’t saved the file yet!” Oh yes I have, I say to myself as my workflow gets disrupted for the umpteenth time. And what if I leave the file open, in case I need to make further edits? My statistical package will barf, gurgling, “file locked by another process”. Lovely.

    I use text editors with CSV files on occasion, but everything appears to run together on the screen. For that matter, even Excel starts with default column widths that aren’t very helpful. If I close a file and reopen it later, I’ll have to futz with the column widths all over again.

    So I’m quite pleased to have come across CSVed. I gave it a try, and it was just what the doctor ordered. It makes working with CSV files a breeze, and hurray, there are no annoyances! I especially like the feature that lets me view and edit column headers in a vertical view window. That alone makes it worth the download. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

  2. vijay says:

    CSVed is really good. thanks a lot.

  3. Juan J says:

    Is really wonderfull. I used many csv editors but CSVed is the best. I found everithing i need in one software.

    Thanks a lot.

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