QuickPHP local web server for debugging PHP code

screenshot of QuickPHP

PHP is a handy scripting language for putting websites together. While the sites you build can be pretty spectacular, it's not so easy to just bang out a few pages and make sure they behave as expected.

For PHP pages to really do their thing, they need to live on a web server. If you're creating a big, elaborate site, no doubt you've already got a server set up to use. If you're just putting together a couple of pages in a one-off project, or for a site you're not going to host, it's not so easy to test and debug your code, short of installing a copy of Apache or IIS on your local machine. If you really don't want to go through all that, QuickPHP may be the tool for you.

QuickPHP is a very lightweight PHP web server that you can install locally without worrying about using up all your hard drive space or creating an administrative nightmare on your system. It has a small 500KB footprint and doesn't hog all your system RAM either. It can handle GET, POST, and HEAD requests, so you can really see what your scripts are doing, and can feel confident that they are going to be well behaved when you upload them to your production server.

QuickPHP is a free Windows application. It runs under Windows 2000 or later. A word of caution: QuickPHP is not designed as a production server. Since it runs under your user credentials, if you're running as Administrator, then it is as well—and you don't want the world hitting a server with those kinds of rights!

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