Childproof your Mac keyboard with AlphaBaby

screenshot of AlphaBaby

We've all heard about the phenomenon of cats typing. Walk away from your system, and Mr. Kitty jumps up on the keyboard and tries his hand (paw?) at typing Hamlet for you. Hopefully you just end up with a bad play; worst case, maybe you've just emailed your credit card information to Uzbekistan.

One step removed from cats on the keyboard is babies on the keyboard. While they're not likely to just take a literal random walk across your desktop, they do love to bang on those keys. Hey, mom and dad do it, so why can't I? Why not indeed.

Give your little geek-in-training a chance with AlphaBaby. Run this app and it grabs control of your keyboard. Now instead of renaming your hard drive or looking like you're trying to hack your way into NORAD, when junior pokes a key, you get letters, shapes, and sounds, rather than system crashes.

AlphaBaby is a Mac application. (Windows users check out tomorrow's offering: Babysmash.) The latest version requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard). They also have older versions for use with earlier releases of OS X.

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