Childproof your Windows keyboard with Babysmash

screenshot of Babysmash

Hey, why should Mac babies have all the fun? In yesterday's post, we talked about AlphaBaby for Mac users. Today, we have a similar tool for the parents of budding Windows users.

Babysmash is a way to babyproof your PC while at the same time helping to entertain your little geek-in-training. Once you start Babysmash, you effectively cut your system off from most normal system-side functionality. With the [Windows] key, [Control]+[Escape] and [Alt]+[Tab] out of the way, you've dramatically decreased the danger of junior wreaking total havoc on your system. Key presses now generate letters, shapes, and numbers instead of fatal system errors. Hey, you get to sit there and type away, so why shouldn't your little helper have a chance too?

Babysmash is a Windows application. It requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework.

Download Babysmash

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