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In spite of all the images and multimedia content, the World Wide Web is at its root, a textual medium. Web pages depend primarily on text to get their information across. If you have problems with that text—you can't see it at all because of visual limitations, you can't read it well because it's so darn small, or you're just too busy to linger over it—you need to convert it into a more friendly format. One tool you might want to check out is Hear Who.

Take any chunk of text, whether it's a web page, a Word DOC, or any other textual content, copy and paste it into the box on the page, click the button, and your text will be converted into an MP3 file that you can listen to immediately, or download to listen to later. You've can select whether to use a male or female voice, optimize file size (best quality vs. smallest file size), and even choose an English or Spanish speaker.

Hear Who is a free service. It was originally designed for use by the handicapped and organizations who help them, but you can use its services to help you out as well.

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