iAntiVirus offers security for Mac systems

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There aren't tons of Cupertino-hating viruses out there, but it's still prudent to keep your system as buttoned-up as possible. There are several free options for anti-virus tools out there for Windows machines, but not so many for Macs. iAntiVirus is one of the latter.

Created by the folks at PC Tools, iAntiVirus will help protect your Mac against infection by viruses, worms, and many of the other "nasties" that can at best slow your system down, and at worst wipe out your personal data and more.

While you can use it to scan your system on a regular basis to look for problems, it also helps you to stay secure in real time, running silently in the background keeping an eye on things. It includes automatic "smart update" functionality, making sure that your protection is always up to date.

iAntiVirus is a Mac application. It only runs on Intel-based Macs, and requires OS X 10.5 or later.

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  1. rob says:

    I don’t recommend any anti-virus software be run on your Mac, as a professional mac tech here. It can only make more problems than it will solve – witness the Virex/Entourage fiasco of yore.

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