Circle Dock: The Open Source Circular and Spiral Dock for Windows

screenshot of Circle Dock

The Dock is a great innovation in desktop application management. You get to keep a pile of shortcuts to the tools you use most often; add to that new entries for each app that's currently running. Now you're cooking with gas!

The thing is, even though the Dock may be the second greatest thing since sliced bread (you can choose for yourself what the best thing is), it's always got one shortcoming: it is where you aren't. You live most of your computing life out in the middle of your screen—applications, documents, everything interesting is out at the center of the display, but your Dock sits along the edge, a virtual wallflower. If you could move your Dock into the center and away from the side or bottom of the screen, you just might be a little more efficient.

Circle Dock does just that. Rather than Dock-as-straight-line, you can now use a Dock that is circular or even spiral in shape. Drag it around the screen; put it where it makes sense to you—maybe some place where you don't have to move your mouse halfway across the screen just to click on an application icon. Who knows, maybe doing away with all those extra mouse movements will make you so much more efficient, you'll get your work done in half the time—or at least be the talk of the office.

Circle Dock is a free download. It's a Windows app and runs under Windows XP and later, and requires version 2 of the .NET Framework.

Download Circle Dock

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    hi what zip program should i use for circle dock need help

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