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Everybody's collaborating online these days. It's not that uncommon for a programmer on one continent to work with an analyst on a different continent, and for both of them to update a tech writer located on the other side of the world. Sure, through the miracle of the Internet, it's possible to communicate and share work product between you all, but do you really want your hard work and trade secrets mixed with all the junk email and other foolishness flying around out there on the 'Net? You really want a network you can use that separates you from all that other stuff, but to do it without having to string cable all around the globe.

Remobo is one possible solution here. You can set up a network between all your machines, which allows you to share files privately, or even to run applications remotely. Now you can look over each other's shoulders, or even drive programs on other user's systems. Instead of telling them what you're talking about, you can show them.

Another way to use Remobo is to access your home or work computer when you're not at home or work. On a business trip? Log on back at the office to check your email. Took work home last night, but forgot to bring it back to the office? Log on to your home computer and grab your stuff.

Remobo is a Windows app, and runs on Windows 2000 or later. Their website says that Mac and Linux versions are coming soon.

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