Dump tunes from your iPod to your PC with iDump

screenshot of iDump

It's a simple proposition: you have an iPod, you have a PC, you want the music from your iPod to go onto your PC. It's easy with iDump.

All you need to do is to mount your iPod as an external hard drive, and then run the iDump program. You can choose the individual songs you want to grab, or download all of them. A search tool lets you find the individual tracks you want. It supports playlists, so your organization scheme comes down with your music. If you've got tons of music, it features an "unattended" mode, that allows you to start the process and just walk away.

iDump is a free Windows application. It runs under Windows Me or greater. All but the most recent iPods are supported as well (it doesn't work with iPod Touch or the iPhone).

Download iDump

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