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Whenever you go online, you leave your fingerprints behind. Server logs keep track of where you've visited, who you've sent email to, and more. There's not much you can do about that. Your computer also keeps track of where you've been. Web sites set cookies in your browser. Caches keep images you've downloaded and lists of pages you've visited. Even when you're not online, your machine keeps track of recent documents you've opened and edited, temporary files created on your hard drive, and more. You can easily get rid of some of this, but there is a lot of data that is trickier to find, so it's still going to be on your system.

Sakina Privacy Protector is a tool that helps you clean up after yourself. When you turn it loose on your computer, all this history is history. Sure, it'll go after cookies and temporary files, but it's also wise to all the hidden stuff as well. And when it deletes these items, it really deletes them, so they can't just be dragged back out of the Recycle Bin or undeleted from the hard drive.

A Windows application, Sakina Privacy Protector is a free download.

Download Sakina Privacy Protector

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  1. Liam K. says:

    I haven’t heard of this, but some alternatives are CCleaner and nCleaner.

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