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Are you a creature of the Web? Over the course of the day, how many sites do you suppose you visit—dozens? hundreds? more? If you're on the move, you probably don't stop to read them one at a time; chances are you set a bookmark for each of these sites so that you can come back later and browse through them. The problem there, of course, is that now you have hundreds of bookmarks set, but you really only plan to use each one only once. If you want to maintain any semblance of sanity, now you have to dig through that pile to weed out the one time only bookmarks, while leaving your real bookmarks intact. What a mess.

Read It Later is a Firefox extension that lets you save these use-once bookmarks and deal with them in a way that makes sense. When you run across a site you want to get back to, just click the button, and it's added to your list. When you go back and read through your list, you can choose to delete entries once you've read them, or upgrade them into real bookmarks in Firefox, posting them to, or any other service.

Read It Later works with Firefox 3. They have an older version that is compatible with earlier releases of the browser.

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