Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator

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There's a story making the rounds regarding a supposedly ancient Chinese proverb that translates roughly "May you live in interesting times." While it may be questionable whether such a saying actually represents ancient wisdom, it does give one pause.

Our times are certainly interesting. With all the stories in the news about the financial markets, changes in the cost of living, and the home mortgage crisis, we probably qualify as being in those "interesting times."

How interesting are your times? Sometimes in spite of our best efforts, we can find ourselves overextended financially. Whether it's credit cards or other debt, sometimes it piles up and frankly looks like we're never going to be able to pay it all off. What we need is a plan.

The Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator might be the start of a plan for you. A free spreadsheet download, the Calculator can help you to get a handle on your debt, and to come up with a plan for paying it off. Enter your financial data and see how your payments will help you to retire your debt. In addition, you can generate a payment schedule, so you can see in black and white how you're going to succeed.

Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It doesn't require an installer, and it doesn't have any macros, so you don't have to worry about any macro viruses sneaking onto your system. It should be compatible with any system running Excel 2002 or later, or other applications that can open XLS files.

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