FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor For Windows

screenshot of FreeMeter

Do you upload and download a lot of files? Whether you're downloading the latest free apps, uploading your web pages, or just like to watch the lights flash on your router, there's a lot of bits and bytes moving to- and from your system. Did you ever wonder exactly how many there were?

FreeMeter is a free meter (catchy name, huh?) that lets you see what kind of traffic you're generating. It sits in your System Tray, keeping an eye on what's going on. Want more detail? Pop it open and take a look either graphically or with numbers in a table. In addition, it's got several useful tools bundled together with it including ping, traceroute, and email notifiers. You can watch traffic on a number of different interfaces (Ethernet, wireless, FireWire, etc.) so you can get a true picture of where your bandwidth is going.

FreeMeter is a free Windows application. It requires WinXP or later, and version 2 of the .NET Framework.

Download FreeMeter

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