Resize hard drive partitions with EASEUS

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Where would be be without hard drive partitions? Partitions are a great way to take our increasingly larger hard drives and break them down into more manageable chunks. If you had to deal with a 500GB drive as just one letter, you'd probably never find anything on there. In addition, you're going to have huge sectors, meaning that you're losing a lot of disk capacity for each little-bitty file.

Partitions are a way to break this big storage area down into smaller, more easily managed pieces, and that's a good thing. Once you've created your partitions, though, you're pretty much stuck with them. What seemed like a great organizational scheme yesterday may not work for you today. You need a tool that lets you tweak your partitions, adding, removing, and resizing them.

EASEUS is one such tool. If you're familiar with Partition Magic in the world of paid software, then you know where we're going here. Once you've worked with your system, you're going to get smarter and have a better idea of how to best configure it, and rather than having to dump your whole hard drive (again), take what you've already got and just make it better.

EASEUS is free for home users. They have paid versions for business use, or for installation onto servers. It's a Windows app, and the free version is compatible with Win2k and XP.

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