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There are lots of tools out there that let you convert Word DOC files into Adobe Reader PDF files. There are a bunch of virtual printer drivers that let you "print" your DOC to PDF and take it from there. Heck, under OS X, you can print directly to a PDF file, from Word or any other application. But what about going the other direction: converting a PDF file back into a DOC? Not so many choices there.

One of the ones that does exist is the HelloPDF Free PDF to Word Converter application. Take your non password-protected PDF file and convert it back to a Word DOC. Now you can copy, paste, edit, and otherwise manipulate the file's contents in ways you couldn't before, and without having to buy the full version of Adobe Acrobat. It'll even keep the same layout as in the PDF file if you want it to.

You can choose how you want to manipulate your PDF, whether you want to convert all pages of the document, or specify a more limited range of pages instead. If you like, you can open your new document automatically in WordPad, Microsoft Word, or Open Office's word processor app.

As you'd expect with the name, Free PDF to Word Converter is a free download for your Windows system.

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  1. Richard van Buren says:

    First, on a Windows system you can convert your documents to PDF too, Open Office has had this option for quite some time now.

    Second, funny enough I needed such a program yesterday, and I came upon this one. Now, I always experiment with a program before using it for serious things and so I did with this program.

    Now, what they don’t tell you is that it is actually “trialware”, because you only have 5 free tries, after that you have to be on line on the Internet, to be able to request an “once only unlock code”…, ervery time! In reality they want you to buy the program… So much for free!

    The program as such is easy to use, after you get the hang of it, the only thing what bugged me is why I got an 80 MB EMPTY Word document after turning off the use of text frames (called “text boxes” in the program) ; also in the Word Document no images were present. Since the other output option is “wordpad file” I tried that, and lo and behold, the were the images, but no readable text!”.

    Now I hear the developers say: “Sure, this was a protected PDF” and I’d reply that they’re talking BS, the PDF that I converted while testing was wide open!

    The program as such is useful, but it definitely needs some more testing and improvement, the state it is in now is – to say the least – an early Beta-version. Also, if they intend to really give this away as freeware, they should get rid of this 5 tries limitation.

    I tried to register the program while installing it, this registration failed, because I could not select a, mandatory, title because there was nothing to select. I’m sorry, but that is amateur’s work, not what serious developers would do.Also, the program has no off-line help; in order to get help you need to bew on line…

  2. Well put. Is not user friendly and as simple as it looks. The only thing I would add for those that are interested, is that not only do you have to be “online” to use it after the trial period, you also cannot use the “once only unlock code” if you are in a hurry. It will take some time to figure out their math equation. Stop everything to do the PDF conversion and spend about 4 minutes to solve the problem before you can get the unlock code. Pretty much useless program.

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