Tazti voice recognition software

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Tazti (pronounced "tasty") is speech recognition software for your PC. Basically, it allows you to do just about anything on your system without touching it, just by the power of your voice.

It has many built-in commands that hook into commonly-used applications and websites, but you can also add your own, so that you can use it with virtually any program you have on your computer. Along with specific commands to play a track in iTunes or to log into your Facebook account, you can also tell it to run your mouse, with commands like "click," "double-click," and "context menu."

Each user creates a "recognition profile", so that Tazti will recognize their unique speech patterns. That way, no matter what kind of accent you have, Tazti will understand what you want it to do.

Tazti is a Windows app. It requires Win XP or Vista, with separate downloads for each flavor of Windows.

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