Monitor bandwidth and speed with BitMeter 2

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They say that what goes up must come down. I suppose that works with Sir Isaac Newton and falling apples, but I'm not so sure about it when it comes to data on our computers. We spend a lot of time uploading images to web sites and blogs, but we probably spend a lot more time downloading data–web pages we visit, email we receive, music files we acquire (whether by purchase or other means). No matter how you slice it, there's a lot of bits and bytes flying around us constantly. But how much data do you send and receive?

BitMeter is a tool that lets you see what's really going on. Install this tool, fire it up. and take a look at the data coming in and out of your system. Its default configuration is as a scrolling graph, showing speeds up and down, and data up and down over time. You can also grab the data numerically to load into a spreadsheet. Your data is available with several different time horizons–look at information regarding the last few hours, days, or even months.

While this may all seem like just an interesting parlor game, consider for a minute that some folks have limits place on their bandwidth usage. If there's a limit on your downloads, for example, then it's vital to really know just how much data you're grabbing, lest you run out of month before you run out of downloads.

BitMeter 2 is a Windows app. You need to be running Win2k or better. It also requires version 1.1 (or later) of the .NET framework.

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