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What won't those Google guys (and gals) think of next? Not content to be the biggest search engine on the block, they further enmeshed themselves into our lives with Gmail, the ubiquitous email service. Google Docs makes it easy to get done what needs to be done without involving Microsoft in the process. Now they've rolled-out a new web browser, called Google Chrome.

While technically still a "beta" level release, it looks like they've got big plans for this new tool. Like the Google site itself, it's built around the theme that less is more, with a fairly minimalist user interface. Like the old Mozilla browser (Sea Monkey now), there's an all-in-one address bar, where you can enter URLs for pages you want to visit, and search terms for looking around online (no doubt using your favorite search engine by default). It can import all your bookmarks and passwords from your current browser, making for a painless transition. Application shortcuts let you use your favorite online apps without opening a browser window, making them more like desktop tools. Incognito mode lets you browse without having to worry about leaving bits and pieces of your trek in various history and cache files.

One important thing to bear in mind here is that all these features come with a price. While there is no suggestion that Google is up to anything nefarious here, they will know everything about where you go and what you look at with this browser. No doubt this will help them to personalize the content you view, but for the paranoid, or even just the careful, you may want to keep in mind that there may be somebody looking over your shoulder while you surf.

Google's Chrome browser is a Windows application, and requires WinXP or Vista. They plan versions for OS X and Linux, but they aren't available yet.

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