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So what's the real difference between a GUI and a terminal or command prompt interface on your computer? Ease of use? Drag-and-drop file maintenance? Point-and-click convenience? Those are all good. I like the pretty pictures.

We've come to think of our applications and data as the icons that represent them. Whether it's the big blue "W" of Microsoft Word, or the globe-and-critter icon for Firefox, they've changed the way we relate to our computers. But maybe you'd like a little input on this topic. Maybe you have a better idea about how things ought to look.

IcoFX is a free icon editing tool that lets you create and edit icons for your Windows or Mac system. You can create original icons, or extract them from other files; you can even change the icons embedded inside of your Windows executables. Make icons out of images. Further personalize your blog or website with favicons. It supports all different sizes and has over three dozen effects you can apply.

IcoFX is a Windows application. It runs under XP or Vista.

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  1. Richard van Buren says:

    I can be brief about this one: Absolute fantastic! For those who have the need to edit icons for their programs, desktops, forums, or whatever you need an icon for… There is no better program than IcoFX

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