Lockdown anti-theft application

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Where's that memo? I'm sure I had it here just a minute ago. It must have gotten up and walked away on its own.

I'm sure I'll find the memo, since we know it didn't really sprout legs and walk away. But what about other things on your desktop? Like your computer?

No, your trusty Mac isn't likely to walk away on its own either, but if it had some help—the dreaded "five-finger discount," for example—it might well part ways with you. And that's bad, right?

This may be a job for Lockdown. An anti-theft application that runs on your system, once it's up and running, anything from the slightest tap on your computer will set off audible alarms, which can't be shut off or muted. It'll even snap a picture of the perpetrator with your built-in iSight camera. It can even email a copy of that photo to you. Once it's back in your hands, it's easy to turn off the racket, using your Apple Remote or by typing your password back into your computer.

Lockdown is an OS X application. It requires Leopard (10.5) or later.

Download Lockdown

One Response to “Lockdown anti-theft application”

  1. Votre says:

    Now if they can just get a Mac to explode instead of sounding an alarm, they’ll have a real winner. Muy macho! 😉