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In the beginning was the Terminal. It wasn't necessarily pretty, but it got the job done. Remember, we sent people to the Moon without a GUI anywhere in sight. Sometimes the bells-and-whistles just get in the way. In times like that, maybe JDarkRoom is the tool you need.

A basic text editor, JDarkRoom doesn't do anything fancy; it's a no-nonsense text editor that's not going to get you bogged down with a bunch of flashy stuff. If you need to write, and you're easily distracted by shiny things, you're bound to get a lot more done here. Just because it's not flashy doesn't mean that it comes without features.

You can choose a color scheme and default font and size. Specify a default file to open on start. Text search, word count, adjustable margins, and more make sure that low overhead doesn't mean low functionality as well. Who knows—it may just become your favorite editor.

JDarkRoom is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It's a Java app, so you'll need to have Java 1.4 or better on your machine.

Download JDarkRoom

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  1. votre says:

    If you’re a PC user, you should also take a look at [b]WriteMonkey[/b]. Works in a similar fashion, but with some nice extra features. I particularly like the typewriter sounds 🙂


  2. Lalit says:

    Thanks for the additional software – vtotre!

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