Advanced Shortcuts Composer

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Shortcuts are a Godsend in the world of software. No matter what the configuration of your system is, it's not always easy to dig through piles and piles of directories to find that tool you want to use at a particular moment. But when you've got a bunch of shortcuts, you can save some serious time, whether it's writing a term paper, visiting a web site, composing an email, or any of the zillions of things we do with our computers each day. Whether you call it a shortcut, a link, or an alias, they help you get through your day much more easily.

Windows makes it pretty easy to create shortcuts. Advanced Shortcuts Composer makes it even easier, and adds extra functionality to your shortcuts.

When you create a shortcut with this tool, not only do you get the quick-and-easy "double-click on this to run the application" that you're used to, but you can also direct where that shortcut will be created (desktop, folder full of personal shortcuts, etc.). You can assign a priority to the underlying application, so that it will play nice with other software on your system. You can even create hotkeys to run your shortcuts from the keyboard, giving you even faster response times. The only real question left is "what will you do with all the free time?"

Probably go download more apps, right?

Advanced Shortcuts Composer is a free Windows application. It's compatible with systems running Windows 2000 or later.

Download Advanced Shortcuts Composer

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