AirRadar tells you about the networks around you

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There are networks all around us. With the huge number of wireless networks out there, it's a wonder we don't all sport a golden tan from all the excess RF flying through the air. How much do you know about the networks around you?—or your own, for that matter.

AirRadar is a free tool that lets you take a look at the wireless networks that surround you. Along with seeing just how many of them there are, you can check-out their relative strength, and even see which ones are open. Now you can piggyback on them (being well behaved in the meantime), grab the free ones at your favorite coffee vendor or college library, or provide a public service by going and telling your neighbor that their network is open and that anybody can browse through their hard drive, thank you very much. You can also check out your own network, to verify just how strong your signal is.

AirRadar is a free Mac application. It runs under OS X 10.4 or later.

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  1. Marcus says:

    This works pretty well; showed me that four networks in my immediate vicinity were trying to use channel 6, which probably isn’t very good for any of them, and signal strength on the networks I was detecting. It doesn’t show networks that don’t transmit their ID, even if you’re logged onto them, which makes it harder to compare signal strength, channels, etc. if you have a choice of networks.

    In all it’s useful but I wouldn’t consider it essential. It doesn’t really do much that any other stumbler program doesn’t do.

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