Free file sharing with RapidShare

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Need to share files, but not interested in paying a ton of money for the privilege, or digging down into the deep dark bowels of a server to set up a suitable platform? You may want to give RapidShare a try.

A free file hosting platform, RapidShare lets you share files with friends, co-workers, or more. Password protect files so that only people you authorize can download them. Free accounts are limited to files with a size of no greater than 200MB, although you can break larger archives into smaller ones to bypass the limit.

Once your file is uploaded, you get a unique URL that points to your file. You can use it yourself, or email to those with whom you want to share the file. Nothing too tricky about that.

RapidShare is a free service. It should be compatible with most systems using a modern web browser.

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  1. Shontou says:

    Mediafire is another option.

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