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Do you ever need to look at a web site when you're not connected to the Internet? What about taking a peek at your company's intranet while you're at some remote location? It would be nice if you could take it all with you.

PageNest is an offline browser that lets you do just that. Whether it's a couple of pages or a whole site, you can grab a local copy of any site and bring it along with you. Now whether you're on a plane or anywhere else where connectivity is not an option, you can still browse that site. You'll get the pages themselves, along with all the images that are embedded in them. Even if you're not traveling, it may be handy to have reference- or other sites that you access regularly squirreled away on your machine—no time wasted downloading the same page today that you grabbed yesterday.

PageNest is free for non-commercial use. It runs under Windows, and requires Win98 or later.

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  1. Colin says:

    Although there is a free edition, it is ad-supported, showing “Daily Deals”.

    It might be helpful for freedownloadaday.com to distinguish between genuinely free and ad-supported software.

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