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Whether you're planning The Social Event of the season, or just a little get-together, you're faced with the same challenge: where do you put everybody? Specifically, where will you seat them? If you're only expecting a couple of people, it's easy to just plunk them down around the kitchen table. But what if you're aiming a little higher than that?

SimpleSeating may be the solution you're looking for. You can use it for free for planning a single event with up to 50 attendees, or you can upgrade to paid versions for more and bigger get togethers. There's virtually no learning curve as you drag and drop your guests (or at least little onscreen widgets that represent your guests) to put them into just the right places. Need to keep Mr. and Mrs. Jones together? Need to keep Uncle Charlie away from Cousin Tom? Done! Save your arrangement and come back later. When everything's all in place, you can go ahead and print your seating chart.

SimpleSeating is a free service. It's compatible with systems running Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers.

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  1. Votre says:

    Nice for what it is – but it doesn’t really do all that much. If it had a little more intelligence beyond dragging an entourage along with a designated guest, it might be more interesting: say do something like group and try to seat “by family” – or keep two named individuals seated as far apart as possible. Or group by age (so you can get the oldsters nearer to the bathrooms!). All of these are routine scenarios when your planning a wedding.

    And the “per use” revenue model the authors are pursuing doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I can’t see someone paying about $10 every time they want to use it for an event with more than 50 people. Make it available as a downloadable shareware app for “50 persons/30 days/personal use only.” Charge something reasonable for it ($10-20) after that. It would also be a good component (i.e. feature) in a more comprehensive general event planning application.

    Needs to: do more/have more – or cost a whole lot less.
    IMHO 😉

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