Take control of Windows with PowerPro

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When everything is laid-out just so, it's so much easier to get work done. When you sit at your desk, you grab your favorite pen and your pad of paper; you bring your desktop calculator over here, you push the phone over there. Now you're all set, and ready to go. Why should your computer be any different?

PowerPro lets you work the way you want to. It starts with the features of an application launch bar, and adds the ability to manipulate application windows, send keystrokes to different programs, and even run virtual desktops, a UNIX favorite. Make it easy to start your favorite apps, the ones you use every day. Add alarms and count-down and count-up timers to make sure you're staying on schedule. Use your mouse to run apps from user-configurable launch menus, or assign system-wide or application-specific hot keys, and you'll never have to take your hands off the keyboard.

PowerPro is a Windows application. It's compatible with systems running anything from Win95 on up.

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  1. Chanio says:

    It is a classic. The same that Total Commander. Cannot live without them.
    For some time, I only modified the useful working examples to my needs and it all worked as expected. But as time goes by, I have been improving my skills in that language and I am now, starting to have very original tools for my system management.
    Note: the examples are just simple toolbars with autohiding, but the sky is the limit for your imagination, when you start getting your first sucessfull ideas working for you!

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