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The experts tell you that you should never go shopping without a list. You know the drill: you head off to your local Mega-Mart with the best of intentions, but between the impulse buys (but that display looks so pretty!) and the "wow am I hungry" stuff (who really needs two dozen doughnuts?), next thing you know, both your diet and your finances are history. What you need is a good shopping list.

You can make that list on a scrap of paper, or stick it on the back of an envelope, but are you really being serious then? What you need is a dedicated shopping list, a list that stands up and takes control—in other words, a shopping list that you're going to take seriously. What you need is a free printable grocery list from Free Printable Grocery Lists.

They've got two dozen different designs to choose from. Choose from simple shopping lists or more complicated shopping lists. There are lists where you just fill in the blanks, and there are "smart" lists that already include items and categories. They've even got specialty shopping lists that help you buy for your camping trip, or to fill your pantry. Or be really good and grab a Low Carb grocery list to make it easier to stick to your diet.

These lists are all free to download and use. All you need is a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer to print 'em out.

And you can still buy a couple of doughnuts if you really want to.

Download Free Printable Grocery Lists

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