IP utilities with training wheels

screenshot of HoverIP

Whether you're a sysadmin or just a plain old user, chances are you're connected to some sort of network. Now matter how insulated you may be from the actual care and feeding of that network, there are times when you just have to dig a little deeper and get your hands a little dirty, network-wise.

What is my IP address? What exactly is the syntax if you need to ping a host? Portscan? Forget it. What you need is a simple way to generate these commands that doesn't make your head explode in the process. You need a tool that helps put training wheels on these functions.

HoverIP is just such a tool. Now instead of having to memorize some arcane command, just click on the appropriate tab, type-in the information, click the button, and you're good to go. Get your own IP address, ping another machine, find out if that server is really dead, and more.

HoverIP is a Windows application. It should be compatible with systems running Win98 and later.

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