Notepad 2008 adds GUI to text editor app

screenshot of Notepad 2008

Sometimes you just have to have a text editor. No formatting, just the facts, ma'am. Maybe you're building a web page; you might be tweaking a line of code in your latest app; or you're plowing through some log files. You don't want formatting, you just want plain-old ASCII text. Just because you want no-frill, no-nonsense text doesn't mean you want to go out there with just a clay tablet and stylus though.

Windows Notepad lets you edit text-as-text, but it's not much beyond the clay tablet we mentioned above. It seems like you ought to be able to combine the basic text editing facility with a slightly friendlier interface. Notepad 2008 may be what you're looking for here.

Sure, it's a text editor, but its application window includes a "ribbon", that little toolbar that helps make apps more useable. Want to create a new document? Click on the "new" button. Want to search or replace? Just click the button. You don't have to dig through menus to get done what you need to do. Notepad 2008 also includes a tabbed interface, so you can easily jump between multiple open documents.

Notepad 2008 is a free Windows application. It's compatible with systems running XP and Vista.

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