Updatestar keeps your applications up to date

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Sometimes it seem like you can't turn around without some new version of your favorite tool being released. Whether or not you're content with yesterday's version, there's some developer out there creating content that requires that newest version, and you know you need that content. You could spend your whole life digging around, looking for updates to your apps. Or you could use a tool like Updatestar.

Updatestar is billed as a "software search engine". Its raison d'ĂȘtre is to keep an eye on available updates, so you can keep an eye on your work. Rather than digging through a zillion pages on the web, just go to the Updatestar website, enter the name of your app, and get a link to the latest and greatest version. Or download the Updatestar desktop app to your machine, and let it search for you automatically.

The Updatestar website is compatible with most systems running a modern web browser. The desktop app requires Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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One Response to “Updatestar keeps your applications up to date”

  1. adam says:

    any idea how this compares to the “Free Updater” from filehippo.com?

    Ive been using filehippos updater, and it works great….

    From what I understand, FileHippos scans your computer install paths for software versions, and then compares them with the “latest” version(s) on their site. If you need to update, it tells you, by opening up a page in your browser that allows you to click directly to the downloads.

    It’s quite nice so i’m kinda curious.

    I wish there was something like this that worked for windows updates.

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