Everything's easier to see with Magical Glass

screenshot of Magical Glass

Did you ever notice that as we get older, the fonts they use in applications and web pages get smaller? As we progress along the inevitable continuum from "naked" eye to reading glasses to bifocals to magnifying glass, it gets to be more of a challenge to see what is being displayed on our monitors. Or maybe you're a graphics person. You're creating (or editing) the perfect image, and you really need to tweak it on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Either way, you need to be able to pump up the size of the image you're seeing on-screen. But you don't want to just dial the whole image up to 1000%, because then you lose the context of what you're looking at. What you need is the onscreen version of that magnifying glass.

Magical Glass may be the solution you're looking for. Like with your regular magnifying glass, this "virtual" magnifying glass lets you zoom in on just the portion of the screen you're really interested in, but without totally losing the surrounding screen area. Use it to pump up the "fine print" at the bottom of the page, or drill down to the exact pixels you need to adjust in your image. And it doesn't get in your way: Magical Glass just sits there in the System Tray until you call it up with a hotkey.

Magical Glass is a Windows app. It's compatible with systems running Windows 2000 or later. They've also got a down-rev version that works with Win9x, ME, and NT.

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