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Whether you're submitting your resume for that great job you found, or you're applying for a grant or scholarship, or you're sending in your college application, you need something else to go with it: a cover letter. You have to let the folks to whom you are submitting your application or proposal know who you are, what you're applying for, and list what you are actually submitting. Your resume is no help if you don't tell your prospective employer what specific job you are applying for; your grant application has to let the institution you are applying to know what you are trying to accomplish.

The Cover Letter Examples site includes dozens of cover letter examples that you can download, edit, and submit along with your application materials. Choose from cover letters appropriate for employment, academic situations, sales proposals, contest entries, and more. Along with Microsoft Word-compatible DOC file cover letter templates, there are also resources including cover letter etiquette (don't send a cover letter with your resume to a prospective employer on your current employer's letterhead), lists of "action words" to use in cover letters, and an all-important list of "don'ts".

These Cover Letters are all available for free download. They require Microsoft Word, a GoogleDocs account, or another compatible word processing application that can read and write DOC files.

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