Control your system via email

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Certainly you've run into this situation before: you are over here, and your computer is over there. We're not talking about you and your system being across the room from one another, although that might apply too. We're thinking something more along the lines of your computer is at home in New York, but you're at a meeting in California. Now that's serious "over there." Now that you and your computer are physically remote from one another, you decide that there's something you need to do on or to get from that remote system. That's where the trouble starts.

There are several remote control tools out there. Some of them will cost you a pretty penny. Others are available at a much more modest cost, but there may be configuration headaches involved in getting them up and running, whether it's with the app itself, or tweaking firewalls between here and there. What if there were a solution that didn't require any of that?

RemoteByMail is an interesting tool that lets you control your machine remotely via email. You've already got email on your system, and there's no problem with its working in your computing environment. With RemoteByMail, you send an email to your computer, and within minutes, it will respond to your request. You can grab files or folders, or even run applications on your system. Did you forget an important file? No problem—it's sent to you. Do you need to run a backup on your hard drive? Done.

RemoteByMail is a free Windows application.

Download RemoteByMail

One Response to “Control your system via email”

  1. Colin says:

    Sorry, but I’d need a lot more info before I’d install this on my machine. The website is pretty poor – a single tiny screenshot that doesn’t enlarge, and the information is absolutely minimal.

    It states “…you are not exposing your computer because all you are doing is sending an e-mail..” and yet it’s an email that can “…Execute programs or batch files, or open files.”

    So if someone sees me do this and guesses/records my email address, they too have access to my machine. I’ll pass on this one, thanks.