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You know you've seen this: you go to move a file, or delete it, or maybe you're trying to dismount a remote volume. You click the button, and Windows throws the big red X up in your face and tells you there has been a "sharing violation." Now you know your Mama taught you to share, so it can't be you, but nevertheless, you can't complete your task. So who is using that file, and why can't you close it?

OpenedFilesView is a tool to help you figure out who's responsible, and to take care of the problem. Fire it up, and it will list all currently open files on your system. Scroll through the list, find your file, and you'll see who the culprit is. Now you can go and close the file with the app, or you can even terminate its process from OpenedFilesView, remembering that your system's stability may take a hit. It's also available from the Windows Explorer's "context menu" (right-click menu). You can configure it so that you only see local as opposed to network files.

OpenedFilesView is a Windows tool. It runs under Windows 2000 or later, and you'll need Administrator privileges.

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5 Responses to “Find out who owns that open file”

  1. pistoff dude says:

    thanks for pissing me off with your stupid popup window these last few weeks – I’m done with your site. how many readers did you lose bcuz of it?

  2. Cheapy says:

    The popup should appear once and exactly once. If you get it more than that, you probably have cookies disabled. If you don’t, I do want to know about it via the Contact Us form.

  3. Megaman says:

    I will give it a shot, but I am comfortable with Unlocker for the moment.

  4. Hayden says:

    To pissedofdude:

    I never got a popup on this site. Besides, if you’re into computers enough to read this website, you would probably have this new thing called a POP-UP BLOCKER.

  5. notarudeingratelikepistoff says:

    Cheapy, quite a few people block cookies or (in my case) use CCleaner (et al) to purge detritus frequently, meaning the newsltr solicitation shows up with every visit. It does get kinda get old, but if it’s a toss up between building an email list and littering the screen with ad banners, this is better. (however, the full page blackout script with the hard to read “CLOSE” button in the lower right isn’t the best choice… how about a less obtrusive floater with a bright red CLOSE button?)
    Hayden, if you’re into computers, you know popupblockers aren’t 100% effective and code writers are constantly trying to thwart them.

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