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Your computer is important to you, right? Whether it's for business or play, you want your system to be set up "just right." You've got the right apps; you've even chosen a desktop wallpaper design that suits your personality: a basket full of puppies, a snow-covered mountain, or maybe even a utilitarian solid black. The point is that in some ways your machine is an extension of your own ego, and what you're trying to accomplish with it.

Why stop here though? Take a look at the icons scattered across your desktop. Whether there are just a couple of them, or you've go 'em piled onto every available pixel, wouldn't it be nice to have some control over their appearance as well? To take a crack at this, give Iconoid a try.

Iconoid is a tool that helps you take control over your desktop icons. You can tweak the text and background colors of your icons and their text to make them easier to spot, or to blend in better with your wallpaper. For that matter, you can hide them all so that you can gaze longingly at your puppies or mountain.

Another great feature will come into play if you design web pages. If you have to change screen resolutions a lot, you know that it totally messes up the layout of your desktop icons. With Iconoid, you can save your layouts, so you don't need to spend the next half hour re-adjusting your desktop after you change resolutions.

Iconoid is available as a free download. The publisher calls this distribution model "sillyware' and asks that you send them "something silly." It runs on Windows systems, and should be compatible with Win98 and later.

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