ADrive gives you 50GB of free online storage

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Backups are a good thing. That goes without saying. But is a backup any good if it's sitting on the same machine that was backed up? Or in the same room as that machine? The best backup is one that lives somewhere else. But unless you're going to put an external hard drive in a safe deposit box, how do you do that?

Or maybe you've got a pile of files you need to share with others. We're not talking anything sketchy here—just a big project you and a dozen of your buddies down at the Water Buffalo Lodge are collaborating on. You may be great at keeping your project on-track, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're the person who should be setting up a file server and configuring the security on it so that your collaborators can access it, while keeping the rest of the world out of your stuff.

ADrive may be what you're looking for. With 50GB of storage available for individual or personal use, you've probably got plenty of room for your important data. You can upload (and download) individual files, or whole directories at once. They've even got a backup client for your local machine, to make it easier to finally start making those backups you've been telling yourself you need to take care of.

ADrive is a free service for personal use. If you want to use it for business, or if you need more than 50GB of space, they've also got paid versions you can sign up for. It should be compatible with all systems running a modern web browser.

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5 Responses to “ADrive gives you 50GB of free online storage”

  1. Liam K. says:

    Wow, 50 gigs is a lot.

  2. Ron P says:

    Just what i have been looking for

  3. madona says:

    I want to know how it works…is it safe ?

  4. lee says:

    It’s best used with an encrypted volume manager like Free OFTE. Also, if ADrive uses WebDAV don’t forget to install a copy of NetDrive to access your files, it’ll make it a seamless operation.

  5. hubbmeister says:

    Awesome tool!
    I really like the ability to “crossload” from another site directly into your A-Drive account.
    The Java interface makes it very friendly, even for non-geeks.