Take control of your disk images with DMGConverter

screenshot of DMGConverter

One of our favorite features of Apple's OS X is the use of disk images. They're a handy way to archive a pile of files while keeping track of all of their "Mac-ness", including files' resource forks and Finder icons. You can take your Mac data and move it all around without losing this important data. DMGConverter is a free tool that helps to enhance your ability to deal with DMG files.

It's easy to create new disk images, with its simple drag-and-drop interface. You can easily convert disk images from one format to another, including DMG, CDR, and even ISO images. You can also segment images, so that your archive can be sliced and diced into CD- or DVD-sized pieces, which is pretty handy. It supports most disk formats, so you can also exchange images with your buddies on Linux and Windows systems as well.

DMGConverter is a Mac application. It's distributed as a Universal Binary, so it works for both PowerPC and Intel-based machines. You must be running at least version 10.4 of OS X to use it.

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