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How much "stuff" do you suppose you download in a typical day? Even with a super fast connection, I'll bet you wished you spent less time dealing with downloads and more time actually working (or playing ) on your computer. Maybe it's time for you to check out a download accelerator tool.

Download Accelerator Plus might be the one you're looking for. It helps you take your already fast connection and makes it even faster. And if you don't happen to have broadband access, then you really need the help this app can provide.

It works it magic in several ways. It actually opens up multiple connections to the download site, so you can grab more of your file at one time. It's also smart enough to figure out whether your content is available in other places and then grabs it from those mirrored sites as well. And in the event of a broken connection or some other interruption, it can pick up where it left off, so that you don't have to re-download the stuff that already made it to your computer.

Download Accelerator Plus is a Windows app. It runs under Win98 or later, and it supports most recent web browsers.

Download Download Accelerator Plus

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