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Art takes inspiration and tools. You need to have the idea—I'm going to paint a picture of a sunset—and the tools to use to make it all happen—brushes, palettes, canvas, paints. Put them all together, add a little talent, and you're on the road to art. When you're working with graphics on your computer, you've got similar requirements.

Your inspiration may be the tech manual that you're writing, and you need to add a screenshot to it; you may be creating background for your next new game; or it could be any number of things. Now you've got to find the tools to use to make your dream come alive. PicPick is a box of graphical tools that may be just what you're looking for.

It's got a built-in screen capture utility that lets you grab whole screens or smaller regions of your display. It even supports dual-monitor systems. It has a full-featured image editor, so you can tweak your screenshots, or create new images as you need them. Tools like a color picker, on-screen rulers and protractors, and more let you manipulate your images like a pro.

PicPick Tools just sits in your System Tray until you need it, so it's not taking up valuable screen real estate. It doesn't require any installation, so it isn't leaving a bunch of extra DLLs strewn across your system, and no changes are made to the Registry.

PicPick tools is a free Windows application.

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