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If you've got a bunch of files that you need to rename, Finder is not your friend. Whatever you may think of its abilities the rest of the time, it's not the friendliest environment for manipulating a bunch of filenames. Sure, you can fire up Terminal and start writing shell scripts, but that's probably not exactly what you had in mind either. How about a tool with the flexibility of those scripts, but the user-friendly front-end of a Mac GUI application?

Name Mangler is a tool that lets you accomplish all of this. It's easy to rename via find-and-replace, with support for Regular Expressions, so you can get some serious renaming done. You can add a serial number to file names, insert or remove characters, change case, and more. And once you've got this all figured out, you can save your renaming rules so that the next time you need to do the same task again, all you have to do is grab that stored configuration and go. Renaming has never been so easy.

Name Mangler is an OS X application. It'll run on your Intel or PowerPC-based Mac. And it's free.

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    You’re correct; while it was a free download when we initially posted this app two-and-a-half years ago, it looks like the only “free” now is a trial. Sigh….

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