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screenshot of Zoundry Raven

You blog, right? In fact, you may have multiple blogs. There's a good chance that they're not all in the same place, or even running on the same platform. Whether it's Blogger, WordPress, or others, everybody's got their own idea of how a blog editor should be set up, For you, it's all you can to do remember which command to use to get anything done. It would be nice if they could all agree on how things ought to work.

Maybe it's time for you to impose some order on this chaos. I'm not talking about coding your own blog platform here; rather I'm suggesting that it might be time to take a look at a tool like Zoundry Raven.

Zoundry Raven can serve as the front end for a bunch of different blogging platforms. Now instead of having to remember several different sets of commands, you can get the technology out of your face and get on with writing your content—after all, that's probably why you blog anyway. Its WYSIWYG editor means you don't have to keep track of a bunch of arcane HTML tags to make your posts look "just right". It includes tools to make adding links and multimedia files a snap too. And you can easily review all of your posts on all of your blogs.

Zoundry Raven is a free Windows application.

Download Zoundry Raven

2 Responses to “Edit all your blogs with one tool”

  1. w2wScribe says:

    This is an interesting app. I regularly use ScribeFire inside my Mozilla browsers. No review yet as I have just now downed this one. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. app says:

    I like the idea that this one is portable (something you forgot to mention)

    Might be a good alternative to Windows Live Writer.