OmniFormat converts just about any file

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It never fails: you've got "x", but you need "y". Paper? I want plastic. Coke? I need Pepsi. It's not always easy to get what you want, but if what you need is as different file format, we've found the easiest thing around.

OmniFormat is a tool that lets you convert files from one type to another with no muss or fuss. Got an HTML web page that you want to turn into a PDF? No problem. Need to change a Word DOC into a plain-old TXT file? Here you go. In fact, it claims to be able to convert between some 75 different file formats in all. With free add-ins, you can even incorporate OCR functionality (turn images into text) and DRM capabilities (make your images into copy-protected PDF files).

It's easy to use OmniFormat: you just select a folder for it to "watch", and whenever you drop a file into that directory, it is automatically converted to your desired new format.

OmniFormat is a Windows application. It runs under Win95 and later, and even supports 64-bit versions where applicable.

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